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About Us

Since 2007, Siena Engineering Group has been providing Outside Plant Engineering and Consulting services to the telecommunications industry, municipalities, and institutions requiring similar services. The professional and technical staff at Siena have considerable experience planning and designing hundreds of miles of fiber optic cable routes and facilities.

Siena’s ability to manage a project through the permitting processes of local, state, and federal agencies, as well as power companies and railroads, is often the determining factor in the success of a project. Projects include the design of new underground and aerial cable facilities, as well as the relocation or expansion of existing facilities.

Siena Engineering Group is a leader in providing planning, design, and project management for the purposes of the construction of fiber optic cable facilities. Our staff of engineers share a highly-specialized knowledge of the telecommunications industry.  Siena’s expertise ensures that the fiber optic connections we build for our clients are reliable and cost-effective.

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